First Call Environmental’s Knoxville Tennessee crew were dispatched to a reported truck fire with a petroleum release. Upon arrival it was clear that the tractor portion of the 18 wheeler was totally destroyed, and that the trailer had extensive damage but was  tow-able. Team Knoxville transferred roughly 65 gallons of diesel fuel from the tractor’s saddle tank into two 55 gallon drums. The local wrecker service advised that they were able to pump out about 38 gallons from one of the tanks prior to our arrival. Roughly 20-30 gallons of fuel made it onto the pavement as well. Team Knoxville utilized Microbes around the curb of the parking lot and along the street to neutralize any petroleum that had impacted that area of the site. Due to the large area that was affected, and the amount of absorbent that was being used,  First Call Environmental brought out a sweeper to maintain efficiency and expedite the cleanup efforts. A large number of bags of granular absorbent was utilized to soak up all the waste water/petroleum product that was still standing on the pavement. This response was a great team effort, showing how thinking on the fly to minimize time and resources when cleaning up a spill is so crucial. With the sizeable area of impact, so much more manpower and time could have been exhausted to clean up a spill this large, however with our Knoxville Area Manager’s decision making, and utilization of the resources available, time and money were saved which made for productive response and a happy customer. This was truly an example of the “First Call Difference”.  
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