Angela Lewis

Office Administrator

Mrs. Lewis has over 10 years experience in coordinating logistics for large and small fleet organizations. This specialized expertise lets her plan routes in the most direct and cost-effective way for any situation. Her skill at maintaining constant contact with customers and vendors ensures projects run smoothly and without delay.

Mrs. Lewis also creates the required reports and documents for customers, insurance companies, and government agencies. Her highly detailed documents include:

  • Written Reports: Descriptions and explanations of activities taken to restore impacted area to meet all regulations required by the state.
  • Maps: Aerial vicinity maps and general site maps of the impacted areas.
  • Photo Documentation: Photos with the date of the incident and follow-up dates of restoration with explanations for each photo to clarify activity.
  • Manifests: Documents that detail the specifics of the disposal.
  • Analytical: Lab reports showing results from impacted area before and after restoration.
  • Chain of Custody: Documentation showing proper transfers of impacted substances.

Along with these duties, Mrs. Lewis addresses the day-to-day tasks of running the business including but not limited to: accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll (W-2 & 1099) and human resources. Maintaining strong relationships with customers, insurance companies, brokers, vendors, and employees is one of Mrs. Lewis’s strongest assets.

24-hour Emergency Response

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