Emergency response for a 300 gallon bladder in a box of rice sugar released in the back of a trailer and another that is completely flat on the pallet and needs to be transferred into a NEW 330 gallon tote.

FCE found one bladder-in- a box on its side that had not punctured and one bladder-in-a box that was upright with a small puncture that had thickened to a point that it was no longer actively leaking. Stay-dri absorbent was applied to a small area of spilled product and efforts were made to upright bladder-in-a box that was on its side. Poly sheeting was placed on the warehouse floor adjacent to the trailer bay and the upright damaged bladder-in-a box was being lifted using a forklift to gravity transfer into an FCE provided poly tote. FCE staged the trailer away from the dock and departed the site while awaiting the arrival of a rolloff box.

FCE returned to the site along with the rolloff and began efforts to move the bladder into the rolloff for disposal. A chute was established between the trailer and the rolloff box. As the bladder was being moved it ruptured as anticipated but all spilled product was contained within the chute.

Additional absorbent was applied to the trailer floor and was collected into the rolloff along with the rice syrup for disposal. The terminal manager and the broker agreed that the trailer would be taken offsite to be cleaned of the residue that remained on the trailer floor.

FCE was instructed FCE to dispose of both the remains of the ruptured bladder and the tote containing the transferred rice syrup. The tote was set inside of the rolloff box to be disposed of as one waste stream. The rolloff was later transported to the disposal facility for the final disposal on December 4, 2017. FCE recommends no further action for this incident at this time.